Midnightride dating

11-Sep-2017 17:52

I want a laid back, comfortable relationship with my man.

Also looking for plenty of ~heat~ in that relationship..first name is chad my heritage is cajun so i wanted something to show this.

As all proper nicknames go, mine was given to me - I just added the SA since I'm from San Antonio.

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But did you know the young woman who played Barbara Gordon/Batgirl, Yvonne Craig, was once on The Dating Game? Even though my screen name can easily be misconstrued I chose it because there are many adventures and avenues to take in life and I don't want to miss the boat on any of them (chuckle).Hopefully along one of those adventures I will meet a running buddy to accompany me!Alternatively: Nomex = Fireproof pajamas I wear to work Shrek = Same as above My name has multiple meanings.

I'm Texas born, lived here pretty much all my life other than the 12 years I lived in Georgia.a very distinct southern mix of Texan and Georgian in my speach.my friends refer to me as gator bcause i lie quietly and then come alive after a while.